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New 4500 sq ft Training Academy in The Brunswick Centre

Founded in 1980, Sanrizz is an internationally renowned hairdressing group based in London with its core business focused on a number of prestigious salons and an education academy all with a carefully branded ethos to deliver creativity, quality and perfection for their clients.


From the creation of the first salon this philosophy has evolved through a concept development of a consistent but distinctive contemporary design for the various salons. Barton Interiors have been an integral part of the Sanrizz development programme throughout, requiring a committed and close working partnership with its founder Tony Rizzo.


The Brunswick Centre salon and academy is the latest development undertaken by Sanrizz and faced a new set of demanding logistical challenges with the complexities of the scope of works, the substantial scale of the project and a tight timetable.


The interior areas required innovative space planning and creative vision to develop the Sanrizz image beyond the ground floor salon for a wider range of activities including photo studios, a seminar environment, educational training and general amenities. All of this within a flexible design context to enhance the Sanrizz brand and perpetuate a unique client experience. In conjunction with the interior design concepts prepared by Consultant Mike Bromfield, Barton Interiors have completed a highly successful project that clearly enhances the Sanrizz profile through the concept development, the high standards of the finished contract works and ultimately the fulfilment of the client experience.


New 4500 sq ft Training Academy in The Brunswick Centre

Client: Sanrizz
Brunswick Centre